Replica Paintball Guns

Replica paintball guns used to be either one-off custom creations, or marketed only to the military and police for use as training aids. As scenario style paintball has grown, manufacturers have started to take notice of an untapped market, with more and more companies now designing or modiftying guns based on military weapons.  If you’re into PC paintball, the guns on this page may not be for you….
ATS variants including (top to bottom) the AT-10, AT-16, AT-85, and AT-4
Armotech WG-65 Variants (both above photos)
An Armotech WG-65 with all the bells and whistles
RAM (Real Action Markers) selection of AR-15/M-4 replicas
The .40/.43 cal RAMs are very realistic looking and feeling.
A RAM M-4 with the M-203 grenade launcher
Replicas based on the Airgun Designs .68 Automag
An Automag-based MP-5 (top) and a Thompson replica with a Hyper (electronic grip) frame
An Automag based H&K G36 complete with a fake (mounting) magazine and 5.56mm ammo
An Automag based MP-5
Cushman Custom Creations kit guns are plastic bodies designed to fit existing guns.
Cushman’s kits come in a variety of styles and are especially handy for WWII scenarios..