Immediate Action Drills

I.A.=Immediate Action

An immediate action drill is used when contact is made and a pre-trained drill is called into play. It’s kind of like learning football plays. The team leader yells out which drill will be used and the team immediately goes into motion. Saying that you don’t need a team to enjoy your favorite casino games. You can just go to and find everything you need to know how to start playing safely and legally in online French casinos. But back to immediate action drills.
Here is a drill that is used when the team is breaking contact with an attacking force.

  • 1.  Contact is made. The team leader makes the decision to break contact an pull back to assigned rally point. This call could be made due to a larger enemy force is attacking, you have multiple casualties, or you are on a time schedule, etc..
  • 2.  The team leader yells for an I.A. drill. The pointman or whoever is closest to the enemy unloads his or her weapon into the attacking force. Once empty or a large supply of your clip is used up, retreat to your last assigned rally point. You turn around and slap the next man on the shoulder letting them know it is now there turn to rock and roll. They do the same thing and slap the next man and then they run to rally point as well. And so on and so on..Some I.A. drills have a certain soldier deploying ordinance(smoke, grenade, cs, etc.) while they are in line waiting to peel. Normally the last man in the line will deploy ordinance.
  • 3.  While still in line it’s a good tip to have a new clip in your other hand ready to slap in once you have emptied into the enemy.
  • 4.  Now you run like your on fire. Get to rally point and await orders. Once rallied up do a body check and equipment check.

Some I.A. drills will assign a certain formation to be made. It depends on the situation.
Also the heavy gunner of the squad or multiple heavy gunners will usually run backwards so they are still facing the enemy while in the peel. It keeps the enemies heads down if a large quantity of rounds are going at them.

Is good to drop smoke when doing a break in contact. It keeps the enemy from rushing forward and conceals your path of retreat.

I.A. drills can keep a team from being wiped out. Get with your team and try them out in your back yard. Get used to each others stances and firing positions.

A good tip is after you have broken contact and have assessed the situation set up a hasty ambush if you have a good spot. Now remember they will be expecting it so you will have to have great concealment and fire discipline.

When breaking contact with the enemy it’s a good idea to pull back and go another way than you were originally traveling.