Immediate Action Drills

I.A.=Immediate Action An immediate action drill is used when contact is made and a pre-trained drill is called into play. It’s kind of like learning football plays. The team leader yells out which drill will be used and the team immediately goes into motion….

The Best Starter Paintball Guns

The Best Paintball Guns

While the Dye Proto Rail might be on the greater end of the cost range for a lot of beginning players there are other options that are easier for handling. There is verity of beginner paintball guns, that are a fantastic option and not…

How to chose your Paintball Gear

How to chose your Paintball Gear

We at Pukin Dogs Paintball do not want you to waste your time and money on a low-cost paintball weapon that won’t slice or even last paint constantly, when you might be dominating your challengers whenever you tip into the industry! Right here at…