Cheap Home-made stuff!

Here’s an easy way to keep paper towels organized, up out of the way, and easy to tear off. Take an old plastic milk crate, zip-tie sections of PVC tubing in the corners, and use the tubing to hold the paper towel rolls. The milk crate also doubles as a way to transport the paper towels and other cleaning items.

Folding Peg Board Gun Rack
by Johnny Bucy

Good for holding guns, mask and other equipment, this inexpensive rack can help keep things out of the way at the campsite. Start with a standard piece of peg board and cut it length-wise in half. Frame the back of each board with 2 X 2 pieces of wood, by inserting screws from the front. Be sure to make the side framing pieces a little longer than the peg board in order to provide legs which will keep the bottom of the board off the ground. Take the 2 framed peg boards and connect them at the top via standard door hinges, making an A-frame type structure. A cable can be added to restrict the opening distance, and various types of rubber feet can be found at hardware stores to protect the wooden legs from ground moisture. To help protect guns, slip pieces of rubber tubing over the metal pegs.

Barrel Polisher
by The Cleaner
Parts List:
Threaded rod
Two nuts
Two Nylon Washers
3 Pack of Small Foam Paint Rollers

These pieces will run about 5 bucks at Home Depot. First, start with the threaded rod. I use a 1/4″x 23″ rod. That’s plenty for a 16″ barrel. Put the first nut about 3-1/4″ down one end. Then slide a nylon washer on. The paint roller goes on next. Then the other nylon washer and the last nut. The polish I would recommend is Mother’s Aluminum Polish. When inserting the roller into the barrel, it’s a snug fit. Don’t just shove it. Work it in with your fingers. This will keep the foam from pulling away from the plastic shaft to prolong the life of the tool. Also, you might want to wrap a little tape around the threads to keep from scratching the barrel. Remember, GO EASY. If you use Mother’s, it cuts fast. Rinse with cold water.

Goggle Fan
by the Professor
If you already have double-pane lenses and fogging is still a problem, here’s an idea to get some air circulating without breaking the bank – use a computer fan. Small, inexpensive computer fans can be powered by 9-volt batteries, and easily move enough air to help reduce fogging. Even after adding an on/off switch, and 9-volt battery terminals, the cost of the entire project should come in under $20. The fan and battery can be secured to the face mask with the use of zip ties. The parts can be found at computer or electronics stores.


Full-Auto Blow-back
by Billy Goodman
An easy way to turn a blow-back semi-auto into a full-auto is to restrict the movement of the sear. However, before you spend time on this modification, be aware that most semi-autos cycle way too fast to be anything more than a blender. With some practice, you may be able to get off 1 to 3 round burst without breaking a ball, but not much more. The modification is simple – it only requires a small roll pin, piece of a nail, set screw or other correctly sized object be inserted in front of the sear pin.The object should be no longer than the width of the sear. This keeps the sear in a forward position where the trigger will be able to continuoisly engage it. As long as you hold the trigger down, the gun will continue to cycle.