This page is a tribute to the ingenuity and creativity of those people who build APVs for scenario and big games. Commonly refferred to as “tanks”, APVs (a.k.a PAVs) are used to transport troops, and as gun platforms, with the rules on their use varying from game to game. They are constructed on the frames of everything from mini-vans to golf carts, while some are purpose built from the ground up. Armament varies depending on the intended use, and the creative capacity of the builder.


The first paintball tank we encountered was actually an Armored Personnell Carrier built and used by Wayne’s World of Paintball in Ocala, Florida. The photo on the left shows vehicle in 1998. It could carry 6 to 8 fully armed paintball players who could shoot out various openings. The photo on the right shows how the vehicle is now being used as part of a structure after being retired from operational use.

Below is one of the first player-built tanks we encountered,
also seen at Wayne’s World in 1998.

The “War Wagon” below, seen on the left in December of 2000, and the updated
version on the right in December 2002. Both photos taken at Wayne’s World.

This tank was at Wayne’s World during several games we attended in 1999 thru
2001. It’s built on a minivan and even has air conditioning for the crew.

All four of the vehicles below were seen at the December 2000 game at
Wayne’s World in Ocala FL. The last one is called the “Doom Buggy”

This vehicle was traveling with Wayne Dollack’s road show and
seen at Tanker Girls at Waynes’World in Ocala FL in April 2002

We first encountered this tank at field near St. Louis in the summer of 2002.
The fully rotational turret on top is connected to the kind of chair used for
fishing on Bass boats, and spins freely. Below the same vehicle can be
seen at Operation Eminent Storm at SmackZone Paintball,
Patterson Missouri in May of 2004, and at the same field for
Firefall 04 in September of the same year.


These tanks were all used at the Star Wars Bounty Hunters game at Wayne’s World in
Ocala FL in December 2002. The first left vehicle is built around a wheelchair for it’s user.
The silver vehicle is the “Army of Darkness” team  tank. The last is the “Hellfire” tank.



Death Inc.’s tank made it’s first apearance at Medals of Honor at Wildfire Paintball in
Monroe GA, in March of 2003.  It’s built on the frame of a commercial mower,
includes twin breech-loaded air cannons, and a sound system.
For more details check out Death Inc.’s website.


Tanks from the Oklahoma D-day 2003..

Dune Buggy based tanks

A jeep and a car used as tanks..

A minivan with chains on the tires

This one even has a satelite antenna..

Three views of one of the few 6-wheel tanks around

Two tanks belonging to Kartoon Express out of Dallas Texas

Actual tracked vehicles..

The Julius is one of the few roadworthy tanks we’ve seen. In the first
photo it’s seen at Oklahoma D-day 2003, and in the second at
Firefall 03 at Smackzone Paintball, Patterson MO.

This unsual cloth-covered vechicle was used in the Brothers in Arms
game at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN in April 2004

These vehicels were used at Firefall 04 at SmackZone
Paintball, Patterson Missouri in September 2004

This people-powered vehicle is a PVC frame covered with net. It was
used as an Armored Personnell Carrier at Command To Conquer,
at the Regulator’s Outpost in Dalton GA, November 2004

 This “Tiger” tank was built by T.J. Allcot on the frame of a small pick-up truck.
An article on the Tiger is featured in the November 2000 issue of
Action Pursuit Games magazine, or visit T.J.’s web page.

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