Paintball Basics for Beginner

J’ai testé pour vous… le paintball

Paintball, concretely, what is?

Paintball is a sport between two teams whose players are equipped with protection masks and automatic paintball guns.

It is played with special equipment:

  • The mask, which protects the face and eyes (if you care about your eyeballs and your teeth, it’s useful).
  • The pitcher (or marker) is the rifle to compressed air used to shoot the famous balls of paint up to 30 meters away.
  • The sacrosanct plastron which has protected my breasts for the part! It also covers the back, which is not negligible.

Here is the basic equipment which we came to play. For the rest, I suggest you (thick if possible) pants and sweater with long sleeves covering the lower back: I dare not even imagine your Blues if you try paintball basics in shorts and tank top! Protection of type gloves, leg warmers, knee pads or elbow pads is a plus.

If your friends are not as stupid as Reese Witherspoon, a shell is not essential.

Some rules of security now:

  • We don’t shoot someone at least 10 meters (unless you have a score to settle with some of your opponents, but it’s your problem): see the power of the impact even 20 or 30 meters, it is better to be prudent.
  • We put on his helmet front to enter the playing area.
  • We always back the Security of the Launcher before getting out of the playground: a paintball gun regulator went fast!
  • When you want to get out, to wipe his helmet, for example, shouting out loud, we go out and we raise your arms in the air.

We chose to take 200 balls each, which normally promises part of two hours. We paid € 26 per person (but I guess it depends on the places), formed two teams, put on our helmets, and we entered the field.

And now… place at the carnage!

That paint is flowing; the enemies are knocked down

We were offered two types of parties:

  • Team against the team – basically, the less massacred win.
  • Capture the flag – A flag is placed between two teams and is the first which get it back.

Of course, in big barbarians we are, we have chosen the first option!


Assay you that our first game was high-speed: it lasted about half an hour… Yes, they shot in the bunch as crazy, without saving our ammunition, and 200 balls, it can go very quickly!

I won’t lie to you, a ball that hits you, it hurts, even 20 meters away – where the Council to leggings and gloves if you have. But to be honest, we have so much fun you can’t feel pain.

Because Yes, the automatic paintball guns are above all very fun, and shoot your buddies ass, it’s rather enjoyable!

Hiding behind trees or protections in foams, crawl in the mud and run in the crossfire, it gives a little adrenaline rush and feels a little badass. That said, I think that the level of fun also depends on people with whom you play… Yes, if it’s flap-joys who complain the first splash, the part can be a bit spoiled!

After our first game, we all decided to repay € 5 for a supplement of 100 balls, and back on the field by being a little fewer nags, and a little more strategists. Let me tell you that track down the enemy and trap him; it’s just as fun!

Advice: if it’s your first game, restrain yourself, wait for an enemy helmet (or bouncing buttocks) than behind a tree and fire.

Fun, pain and splash

Paintball is a fun activity that promises a good time with friends (especially at the end, when comparing his task of painting and his blue). If you are afraid to hurt you, I think that the laser tag is a good alternative. To love a part of paintball basics, love a little scare, run across, harvest bruises and even stress a little (well Yes, it makes paranoid to track down his friends in the Woods).

The next day, I had bruises on the legs, back, hands and right arm, big soreness in the thighs (Yes, the sport is something abstract us punkin dogs), but very good memories. I confess that before, I found the idea to play Ford-war”a bit ridiculous, but when you don’t take themselves seriously, it’s really fun!