From "Alien Attack"
June 22 and 23, 2002
Bear Claw Paintball, Fayetteville, TN

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The dogs set up camp, getting ready to 'rough it' for the weekend.. with grilled burgers.. ... and Blackhawk Down on the DVD the aliens among us the Generals, including our good friend Randy Baxter (3rd from left) at the pre-game briefing players at the briefing Billy getting ready by cutting out paper dolls... Nield trying to hitch a ride to the playing field... .. and it worked!! General Lane (right) and members of Death Inc. before game start Aliens 'r us - Pukin' Dogs at the base alien players getting ready before the first mission of the day everything sure has grown up since the March game Johnny and alien players on the move Chris enters the farm house at 'Dayton' the farm house from the other side parts of the field are heavily wooded the human base falls and General Baxter is kilt Saturday evening at camp and it's hot dogs and beans.. live music at the main tent Sunday morning and the weather don't look so good.. but later it turned out great I thought the game restarted at 8 a.m. - where is everybody? Sunday morning and Tony waste no time getting his mandotary goggle shot a slightly off-balance Billy Jethro - the alien XO Tony approches the downed plane at Shelbyvile alien players on the outskirts of Whitwell as the Final Battle starts Billy and Johnny after the final battle a new structure at Whitwell The guys chat with Randy Baxter The newest Pukin' Dog, Jimmy (white shirt) and the rest of the guys at the post game ceremonies some of the cool give-away prizes including 5 BM2Ks and an AGD Minimag Tony can no longer complain he's never won anything Ben Torricelli with MPP, and Robert and Susie, Owners of Bear Claw