The Darkest Hour
Mt. Doom Paintball, Hanceville AL
November 9 and 10

The guys getting ready before the game Tim and Johnny perform emergency gun surgery Coty getting psyched up Ben Torrecelli, Hillbilly, and General Lane going over pre-game plans red players head off to the command post red CP Johnny and Tim before the game Neild, Coty, Rusty and Craig The red command staff Neild goes pump The speedball field which dominated play on much of day 1 Coty and Craig after the red team finally took the speedball field Neild and the General discuss the game as the sun goes down Tim gets ready for night play Johnny Chris, sort of out-of-place in the ghillie suit Now that's more like it Bob, Jethro and the guys from Bear Claw Paintball Craig and Chris starting out day 2 Day 2 and we swap Command Post Hillbilly and Ben Rusty and Billy Flag Station 5 at the top of the mountain players from Death Inc., Southern Comfort, and Rusty from the Pukin' Dogs watch down hill Billy props up a tree Chris on guard duty at Flag Staiton 5 Coty gets out ahead of the team and advances up the Hill The final battle was held on the Speedball field Black Cat Productions staff at the post game ceremonies guess who won Most Valuable Team on our side? Hey - which side were we on anyway...