From "Operation Fast Walker"
March 23 & 34, 2002
Bear Claw Paintball, Fayetteville, Tn.

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player briefing Dogs campsite General T-Bag taping up red players red command headquarters red players off on a mission Chris Johnny got gogged red players getting ready to take Shelbyville red players attacking Whitwell red sweeping Whitwell Wes borrowed the slut-gun when his Angel went down players getting ready for night play Johnny (L) and Tony the thankless platoon medic It's dark out here Red Team - red hopper uhhh... sorry.. I thought you were someone else Red Players take the house.. or so they think.. Billy at the blue base the large and elaborate blue base after being swept by the red team Blue command bunker with red flag? Billy sandbags around the blue base red team occupies blue base red players holding the downed aircraft Tony got gogged plane crash mission objective at Shelbyville Coty and red team members off on a mission G.I. Joe, the Blue team GeneralI can't explain this... Nield (foreground) and Tony on guard Billy got kilt the guy that kilt Billy, shot by Nield The role-playing Wayne Dollack and Johnny Nield giving a long range water balloon demo Johnny Chris Johnny Blue team member Tony White got gogged blue team dominates the speedball field blue players on the speedball course red players, including Neild, trying to make headway smoke on the speedball field red player moving end of the game ceremonies