From "Oklahoma D-day 2003"
The Bunker, Wynedotte Oklahoma
June 6-8, 2003
 Air cannon!!! Monster truck rides and a carnival were available.. Tank crews get ready for an inspection and briefing Jimmy watches a helo land directly beside our camp Live Music!!! Coty checks out an Armotech gun Autockers on display at the WGP tent The Tippmann trailer but of course... Billy Checks out a Zues pistol Not many events where you'll find ghillie suits for sale..  Jimmy on vendors row - AKA, Center Flag, WGP, AGD, Tippmann, ACI, NPS made up a good size trade show Rangers in training the Canadian regiment Germans gather before game start actual Germans who were training at Hollamn AFB, New Mexico Landing craft on the beach   a German sniper group Bosco with Kartoon Express of Dallas TX German commandoes try to sneek across an open field  ghillie suit guys were everywhere  Firebase charlie (trenches on the left) under attack by Allies (right) Normandy Village the Atlantic wall Alllies disembark the landing craft looking across the English Channel Jimmy and Coty Firebase Bravo smoke bombs Coty player guards the road Transport truck loaded with spectators Billy Johnny and orange smoke on the hill exhausted Billy Billy (L) and Dave Lyons with LCT Paintball transports and busses bring players to Firebase Alpha The tank on tank battle at Firebase Alpha  crashed aircraft at the airport Germans preparing to defend the airport the allies make their push   The allies target, a fuel dump, which they eventually reached and destroyed roound 2 and the Germans leave Alpha to attack the airport  (L-R) Billy, Jimmy, Coty and Johnny the long .. but comfortable drive home