From "Medals of Honor"
March 1-2, 2003
Wildfire Paintball - Monroe Georgia
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A beautiful Saturday morning.. cold and misting rain The campsite floor is all mud players start to gather for the pre-game stuff Coty and Jimmy perform some last minute gun surgery (L-R) Johnny, the editor of scenario games magazine, and Lane with Death Inc. The Death Inc tank Death Inc's tank sports 2 breech-loaded air cannons Johnny helps change a flat tire German Base German base Johnny gets arm tape and a wrist band German CP    a well-prepared ref Sniper on guard outside the German base   One way to keep a gun dry.. Germans over-run the American base Billy the mad German it was just one of those days     Johnny Hey look, sun shine!!!  Germans defending just outside of their base  a medic in action Germans about to be over-run  Billy got it in the eyes, the gun, the hopper, the radio..... Germans try to retake their base  finally the last of the Americans are pushed out of the German base Germans gather for the final battle  The Germans loose the final battle, and the game..  Coty cleans up the tent in bagged shoes