by Nate Mcsweeney

The military calls it mechanized.  You call it riding around in some kick $@% vehicle last weekend when you played paintball.

I love the fact that paintball has evolved into what it is today. My father introduced me to paintball in 1989. The Sheridan pump pistol was all they rented. And those with the Bushmasters ruled. But what I wanted even then was to go to a game where a hundred or more would do scenarios. So here we are today and we even have people who bring mock military machinery to use in these hundred to even thousands of people scenario games.

How to deploy from a vehicle while under fire or even just deploying into Indian country.

In today's battles victory is not won by man or machine alone. The tank cannot survive without soldiers protecting it. In today's military tank platoons are accompanied by mechanized ground pounders. If a tank is ambushed by many targets then the mech comes in to help out. I DON'T SEE THIS IN PAINTBALL! I can't tell you how many times I'm off the road watching the enemy tank go down all by itself into no mans land. Where is the support? A tank commander should talk to his general and have no less than 3 men assigned to just follow the tank around. It is too too easy in paintball to take out tanks. So here are some tips for ground pounders who run with the tank. TIPS FOR TANKERS
I have never ridden in a tank(on it, yes) so I don't know a lot but I will tell you what I know from having a tanker father who also went Airborne and Mp. So these are not SOP for military but what I would do if I was riding around in a coffin. Nate out