From "Normandy"
June 8, 2002
Conders Paintball, Elizabethtown Ky.

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It was a hot day it was a Tiger Stripe kind of day It was a camel-back kind of day For this game, the massive speedbal course that splits the field remained virtually unused while the game focused on two radar installations in the woods don't go in there.. it's scary Johnny and Coty and some tall tall trees Johnny Gotta hate those hair shots soo.. red paint does not have a wild cherry taste afterall Hey buddy, watch that tape line Coty and Chris as the battle up hill begins It took our team almost 2 hours to fight our way to this fort at the top of a steep hill Johnny props up a tree now it was our turn to guard the hill - notice the creek far below time to take a breather The fort is ours - and was never taken by the opposition The crowd gathers for the post-game give-aways