2-tube Blow-back Basics
How 2-tube blow-backs function with animated graphics
Modern Tippmann Valves
How valves in Tippmann’s Model 98 and A-5 function with animated graphics
How Nelson Guns work
Details on how pumps based on the Nelspot 007 function
Blow-back LP FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions concerning blow-back low pressure operations
X-Chamber/Regulator FAQ
Frequently asked questions about expansion chamber and regulators
Coolest Gun in the World
A Line SI Bushmaster pump converted into a bolt-action rifle.
Balancing Blow-backs
How to blance the needs between velocity and re-cock
The Gun From Hell
A Nelson based pump with a WGP autococker kit
How to port a barrel
How to put a pattern of holes in a barrel using a simple drill press.
PT Enforcer Velocity
How to improve the velocity on the PT Enforcer blow-back pistol
Breech Loaded Cannon
A cannon designed for eliminating armored vehicles in scenario games
Cheap Home-made Stuff
Ideas for home made projects that don’t cost much
The Trials of CLovis
Mike Young’s low pressure and cosmetic changes to a stock Spyder
BECC jr.
The smaller version of the breech loaded cannon.
Line SI Promaster
The saga of an early problematic blow-back