Cops 911 PT Extreme Holsters

What it is

Over the past several years, paintball sidearms have grown in popularity. This is partly due to the growth in scenario games, where players may be on the field for hours at a time and need a backup weapon, or players who carry such items as air cannons need something small for personal defense. Regardless of the reason, having a sidearm can be fun, and at times, really convenient. The problem with carrying a sidearm however, is what to do with it when you are not using it. Unfortunately, due to the size of modern paintball sidearms, not all paintball holsters (such as those made for a PGP) or real firearm holsters will fit. Cops 911 ( answers the problem by making Holsters specifically tailored for modern (and older) paintball sidearms.

The physical stuff
The Cops 911 Holster for the PT Extreme is available in several configurations, including a belt holster, and a tactical  drop-down model. The holster itself is made of mil-spec Nylon, and is available in several camo patterns. The drop-down model I ordered has a top nylon strap which is connected to a nylon loop for a belt, one leg strap (a second is optional), and a retaining strap for the gun itself. All of the straps are adjustable. The Holsters appears to be well made. Cops 911 not only makes holsters for several particular guns, but they also offer add-ons such as paint tube and Co2 cartridge holders. Both are sold as separate units or can be added on to a holster, giving the user even more options.

How it works
The drop-down holster’s top strap loops around the user’s belt, and can be adjusted for the length it drops. It can also be quickly disconnected to remove the holster completely without having to pull the top strap off of the belt. The leg strap encircles the user’s thigh and prevents the bottom of the holster from flopping around during jarring movements such as running. It is held in place with the use of hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). The gun retaining strap goes across the back of the gun grip frame and snaps into place.

This holster is designed specifically for the PT Extreme and it shows. The gun slides into and out of the holster easily with no snags. The holster had no problem retaining the gun through a day’s play. The gun retaining strap is easy to reach and use, and allows the user to unsnap the strap and pull the gun in one easy motion. The drop-down design works well for accessing the gun while in a crouched position, keeping the user from having to reach high along his side as he would with a direct belt design. The leg strap keeps the holster in place regardless of the user’s body position. The holster itself is made of a thick enough material and is tall enough to offer a good amount of “scratch” protection for the gun while running through the woods or crawling

OpinionHaving used similar designed holsters before, I was very impressed at how this one held it’s place while I was running, jumping,  crawling, etc. After a while I forgot the gun was even there. For me, that works just fine. Although Cops 911 offers a model with two leg straps, I am not sure I see the need. Never did I feel the gun was anything less than secure. Considering the $29.95 cost, to me the holster is an excellent investment which offers an easy, convenient, reliable way to carry a paintball sidearm.