From "Tanker Girls"
April 27 & 28, 2002
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, Florida.

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Foggy Friday morning and empty parking lot as the Pukin' Dogs are the first to arrive the guys setting up camp in #27 all's quiet the day before the game Johnny and Chris take a tour of the field Wayne has an excellent scenario field with plenty of structures plane in the woods Ripper's hideout - the enemy base (red team) The field is populated with large overturned trees and lush vegetation the bridge in quadrant 1 Power Station #3 aircraft structure near the Water and Power mine fields Water and Power base (green team - that's us!) by Saturday morning, the parking lot is full - 535 players turned out Player briefing a half hour before start time Wayne goes over the details Tanker Girl - the enemy General W&P players getting taped at game start W&P players off on the first mission of the day the first enemy tank, spotted through the woods Neild, following his first of 17 tanks kills for the weekend The W&P team was fortunate to have a number of tank killers with home-made cannons W&P players heading toward Liquid Silver for a mission resistance is encountered.. Mike (right) and other W&P players at Liquid Silver Mike lets off with Flatline suppression fire Liquid Silver (a.k.a. Sinkertown) players using avialable cover while the mission ref keeps a close eye.. Nield chats with the tank crew he just eliminated after the tanks are eliminated, W&P players move to retake the mine fields Unarmed and unafraid (heh), Chris the medic Johnny and other W&P team members on guard at the W&P mine field player in the W&P base the Ripper base lit up at night Players in the airport tower at night (l-r) Billy, Coty, Johnny, and Chris on a mission to hold the village refs performing spot chrono checks the Slut-gun gets spot checked... and passes NOW THAT'S A CANNON! Anti-tank weapon in the green base Wayne's tank, which malfunctioned during the game end of the game ceremonies - W&P (green) Wins!! before the drawings for guns & gear, some smaller prizes were tossed out into the crowd