Toys for Tots Benefit game
November 15 & 16, 2003
Regulator's Outpost, Dalton GA

(brief description in mouse hover)

the house the dogs built..   a finger shot, and claims to be the first player shout out of the game    the red team base   Johnny, Nield, Rusty, Coty and other red team members  Tony knocks over a tree  Rusty  Jimmy and Johnny  Jimmy and Coty          into the depths of hell...  ... and back out again  Tony and Ian with gun problems  neck shot for Johnny            inside the heated dog house  Jimmy gets comfortable...  a little too comfortable  Rusty fixing hot chocolate... it was cold  Pukin' Dogs and some guys from Slay Tech  Jimmy finds a Rusty arm rest while Chris backs off...  headshot for Billy  headshot for Rusty  headshot for Jimmy  oh crap. Chris got ahold of the camera again...  awaiting the start of the final battle  oops.. Co2 leak..  Jimmy playing pump  The objective for the final battle was to hold this bunker in an open field      them..  Nield fires from the tree line  trying to move up the left side of the field  Billy (right) and other players try to advance  Johnny working his way up the left tree line...  Johnny (extreme left) under fire  Ian just behind the objective bunker, which the red team took to win the game.