Shoot-out at Craig Village
October 11, 2003
Ft. Campbell U.S. Army base, Clarksville TN

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Freddie and John Sue goes over the briefing ammo crates serve as a bridge Hillbilly from Bearclaw Paintball Chris   The nice clean church (see later photos) Slaytech members and Hillbilly Coty  players in the dead zone   Taking a breather  cover me!!!    Chris   Billy Billy and Chris Chris and Billy  the Slaytech guys in line to get air every body chrono after the lunch break Johnny and Coty     let's see.. I could just go through this window.. and.. arrrggg.. I'm too old for this Johnny and Billy Johnny Billy - ya missed me, ha! Johnny and Billy       Coty   the well painted church Billy reloading  Johnny and Billy Johnny and Billy Coty The Slaytech Hummer The Bearclaw van! The A-5 owners group was here Sue strikes her classsic APG pose This Timex took a licking and stopped tickng..