From "Sea Lords"
February 15 & 16, 2003
Low Country Paintball, Savannah Ga.

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Pukin' Dogs campsite The new logo on the trailer new peg-board gun rack Wayne Dollack goes over the game with the Generals Orange players gather at the base prior to game start  Billy, the first-time medic   Rusty and an orange player discuss strategy Billy gets a headshot Johnny (left) and Rusty wade through the swamp  Billy and Rusty both get headshots  (from closest) Coty, Rusty, Johnny, and Tony Headshot for Johnny Speedball action seen through the netting (from left) Coty, Rusty and Tony take a break back at camp Heading back to the field for day 2 Coty and Tony take up positions on a mission to hold a destroyed convoy Johnny can barely be seen just before taking out 2 blue players.. another headshot for Johnny? Tony on guard in the small pines Johnny and another headshot Headhsot for Rusty Billy the medic Johnny with yet another headhsot the fog of war.. or maybe just a smoke grenade medic standing by.. The final mission was to see who could occupy the speedball field   Players could move freely between the woods and the speedball field Johnny attacking players in the woods outside of the speedball field. Billy trying to stay on the speedball field while the rain pours. the points would go to the team with the most bodies on the speedball field at the game's end Coty (left kneeling) and Billy (right) - our team controlled the speedball field and won the overall game Time to pack up and head home the rain starts to come down hard after the game ends