From "Superpower Slam"
Bear Claw Paintball, Fayetteville, Tn
October 19 and 20

registration for a game of Good .vs Evil Tony confers with the Evil General, Lane from Death Inc. Obi-two-kenobi (Ben Torricelli with MPP) gives the low-down on the game Evil General Lane (right) and his secret weapon Here's one way to ferry supplies to the field Bridge over the river not Evil players begin to gather for the start of the game General lane explains his strategy - take and own real estate Evil guys off on the first mission Lane goes over the map with a Helo pilot the first engagement Wes with Red Cell Billy inside the good guys base some Pukin' Dogs ride the trolly Nield and other players wait for insertion at the staging area Evil players re-insert General Lane and the mask of evil hey dude, watch out for that... tree... Billy, right between the eyes Tony Mike action starts on the speedball field props count for points another long ride to insertion Superman got gogged Tony (left) and Nield (cneter) off on the final mission of the day players at the post game ceremonies the reffing staff gets a well deserved round of applause Bear Claw owner Bob with the cool give-away prizes players wait for the numbers to be drawn woohoo!! guess who won a gun and hopper!!