DF2 Missions

These are missions I programmed for Novalogic's Delta Force 2 game.  Although it's an older game, it can still be fun to play. Most of these missions are excessive in the number of enemy soldiers and vehicles, which is somewhat different from the missions that come with the original game. All of these games may not work with every version of DF2, and some require a bit of computing power because of the number of objects. Also some of them have far too many objects to function in LAN or On-line games, but will still work well in single player games.

Get all the games on this page by clicking here.  Simply unzip the file directly directly into your Delta Force 2 directory.

Any questions or problems with the games? E-mail Billy Goodman

Your mission is to destroy the communications building and the three Mig-29s inside the hangars at the enemy held airfield, then meet the Blackhawk at the extraction point. The communications building must be destroyed first or the mission fails. You have 4 fire missions (1 for each target) at your disposal. Watch for enemy snipers and helicopters patrolling the area.

Your mission is to destroy the SA-6 launchers surrounding the enemy submarine refueling base, which will allow airstrikes to proceed. After eliminating your targets, make your escape by capturing the enemy helo pilot inside the communications building and forcing him to fly you to freedom on the KA-25. If the pilot dies, the mission fails.  Watch for hilltop snipers and patrolling helicopters.



Your Blackhawk has crashed, unfortunately for you, right in the middle of the enemy drop zone. Two more Blackhawks have been dispatched to rescue you, but won't land until you've cleared enough enemy troops out of the way. There are two crates of ammo which fell out of the Blackhawk you can use, but you'll still die. Take a SAW and have fun while you can.



Your mission is to destroy all of the vechicles in the operations area, recover the laptop computer, and eliminate the druglord (and anyone who gets in your way). Meet the Blackhawk at the extraction point to complete the mission.  You'll need the satchel charge to destroy the boat. This is a night mission.



Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy compound and destroy the armory. Keep in mind that you can obtain weapons needed to complete the mission inside the armory, assuming you make it that far. After the target is destroyed, meet the Blackhawk at the extraction point.


Your mission is to destroy two Scud launchers, a power generator, and transformer at the enemy base, then meet the boat at the extraction point. Try not to alert the enemy helicopters patrolling the area. This mission is at night, in the fog.



Your mission is to take a satchel charge and destroy the enemy river boat which is offloading supplies to enemy troops. After destroying the target, meet the Blackhawk at the extraction point. The area is heavily patrolled by enemy troops, BRDMs and helicopters.



Your mission is to kill... err.. uh.. eliminate the Druglord and other mercenary commanders overseeing a drug shipment transfer, then meet the Blackhawk at the extraction point. Feel free to eliminate any civilians who get in the way, since they are all employed by the Druglord. The transfer point is heavily guarded by observation towers and enemy patrols.


Your helicopter base is under attack by enemy forces! Stop the attack by eliminating all enemy forces, even if you have to hunt them down after they flee. Take extra ammo and watch for falling helicopters.



Your mission is to eliminate the enemy Commander. Sounds simple, huh? The trick is, if you alert any of the enemy troops, he'll be ushered away and the mission is a wash.  Wear a ghillie suit, carry a good rifle, and be sneaky. Once you eliminate the target, get to the extraction point, fast!

An earlier attempt to rescue the hostages on the island failed and now that rescue team is also being held hostage. Your mission is to free all of the hostages, escort them to the boat, and locate the flight data recorder on the crashed Blackhawk. Then get on the boat and take it back to your submarine. Be careful, or the enemy will kill the hostages before you can reach them.


A friendly transport aircraft carrying a deadly biohazzardous material has crashed, and the enemy has a salvalge operation underway. Your mission is to rescue the surviving crew, obtain the antidote, and obtain the flight data recorder from the crash site. You must obtain the antidote before you can enter the crash site area and survive. Meet the blackhawk at the extraction point to complete the mission.



The enemy has taken over the civilian airfield at objective Cobra. Eliminate them, but be careful not to harm any of the civilians or airport personell.


Your mission is to locate the rocket scientist code-named Condor and escort him to the boat at the extraction point. If Condir dies, the mission fails.


Kill  all of the terrorist.



Get on the river boat and travel to objective Siren, destroy all of the structures there, then follow your mission path back to the boat. Ride the boat to the extraction point, then get on board Black Widow to finish the mission.


Your mission is to infiltrate the prison camp and eliminate all of the prisoners. Don't ask stupid questions, just carry out the mission. If any of the prisoners escape, the mission fails. Meet Black Widow at the extraction point to complete the mission.



A T-80 tank carrying a nuclear device is on it's way to an enemy base. The tank is being escorted by 2 BRDMs,  a Hind, and an enemy platoon. Your mission is to destroy the tank before it reaches the base.


The enemy is planning to invade a small village. Assist the defending troops at the village and be careful not to kill any of them or the civilians. The mission is complete when all of the invaders are eliminated.


The enemy has taken a small town. Your mission is to assist the Spetnaz paratroopers in taking back the town. Be careful not to kill any of the Spetnaz troops or civilians.

Hints on beating these missions